For our

Nurses in Germany

We are your partner to find the right job for you. We have many employers offering great working conditions with nice colleagues, high wages, located in attractive cities and offering cheap housing.

Before we start

We need your detailed CV. We will give it a good format.

Tell us what you want

In order to give you the best service tell us what you expect from your new employer.

Get to know your prospective employer

1. We organize a hospitation for you (free trial work). You will see where you potentially will work without any obligation
2. If you and your potential employer decide for each other we will start the administrative process (work contract and permit)

Relocation service

We help you to organize your relocation (transport and moving support) and reimburse all costs.

Get a bonus

We reimburse all costs of your hospitation (transport and accomodation) when you start to work. After your probation time we pay you a bonus.

Nurses outside of Germany

Your career in good hands

Since over 5 years we help international nurses to start their career in Germany.We will support you with language by preparing you for a language test specially designed for nurses: telc B1/2 Pflege


Our services are for free. You will not pay any agency fee. Depending on where you live the cost of the language classes and documents country vary. Most of the cost are reimbursed once you start to work in Germany

The process

Step 1: Learn the language until B2 level. Duration: usually 8-10 months 
Step 2: Organize your documents for translation and authentication.  
Step 3: We organize your professional recognition as a registered nurse. 
Step 4: We organize your working visa. 
Step 5: You emigrate as a assistant nurse to Germany
Step 6: We organize your nurse adaptation course or nursing exam to obtain full recognition

Availability of our program

Online and (physical classes):
- Mexiko (Monterrey) 
- United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi)
- Philippines (Several locations)
Online classes: 
- Saudi Arabia 
- Qatar 
- Oman 
- Bahrain